Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 75 – Opening to Generosity


Jack examines what happens when we open ourselves to generosity through sharing our gifts and by receiving the kindness of others gracefully.

Show Notes

Seeing the Secret Beauty (Opening) – Jack reflects on the nature of change that comes with spiritual practice and reminds us of the secret beauty inherent in us all. Once we begin to see this secret beauty, we start to see through the illusion of separateness between things.

“When we start to pay attention with mindfulness, we start seeing the illusion of separateness. This is also known as the small sense of self or the body of fear, what interferes with us seeing each other with the eyes of love and understanding.” – Jack Kornfield

Cultivating Capacity (17:20) – There is an aspect of spiritual life called fruition practice, in which we fully embrace the fact of our existence with gratitude and tend to that life accordingly. Jack discusses ways we can live up to the responsibilities that come with our precious lives by cultivating the qualities of love and generosity.

“The outer developments of humanity that we rightfully celebrate now need to be matched by the inner developments of humanity – that’s our curriculum as humans.” – Jack Kornfield

Learn more about inspiring generosity within ourselves and in others with Raghu Markus and his guest, author Barbra Bonner, on Ep. 204 of the Mindrolling Podcast.  

The Story of Your Gift (27:55) – What gift do you have to share with the world? Part of cultivating our generosity is recognizing what gifts we have to offer the world and sharing them wholeheartedly. Jack reflects on not only the importance of our own generosity but also on allowing ourselves to receive the generosity of others.

Season of Generosity (37:45) – Jack shares another story of generosity and compassion which serves as an example of what can happen when we open our hearts to others.

 “How do we respond to this world? You sit and you sweep the garden. You have the capacity as a human being incarnating in this life, with the measure of suffering and beauty it offers, to respond in all kinds of extraordinary ways.” – Jack Kornfield

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