Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 73 – The Garden of the Heart


In this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack looks at the way we tend to the garden of the heart with mindfulness and meditation practice.

Show Notes

Tending the Garden of the Heart (Opening) – Jack talks about our mindfulness and meditation practice as a practice of gardening the heart. He looks at what can happen to the suffering in the world when we spread the seeds of compassion and love.

“There are ways where we step out of the small sense of self, what is called the body of fear – the separateness, and feel ourselves to be part of something so much greater.”

Slowly, Slowly: A Gradual Awakening (11:45) – We look at the gradual forward momentum of spiritual practice. Jack discusses the slow sowing of the seeds of practice which bears the fruit of liberation.

“If the seeds that we plant have been tended with wise effort as the oxen and the rain of compassion then the beautiful fruit will come – the fruit of the freedom of heart and wellbeing.”

Obstacles Along the Path (21:00) – Jack examines some of the difficulties we face along the spiritual path which prevents our inner garden from flourishing as it should.  He looks at what happens when we meet these obstacles with love instead of resistance.

Tending Seeds of Goodness (36:45) – In all beings lie the seeds of goodness that are waiting to flourish. Jack looks at how our practice nourishes and cultivates these seeds.

“You have in you the seeds of great compassion, the seeds of wisdom and care for others. Meditation then is not to make some special experience, but it is to learn how to tend the garden of the heart and to water the seeds of kindness and presence in your own heart.”

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