Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 63 – The Perfection of Patience


This week, Jack reflects on the Ten Perfections of Buddhism and Khanti, the perfection of patience.

Show Notes

Perfections of the Heart – Jack discusses the Ten Perfections of the heart found in Theravada Buddhism. He relates the perfections as an expression of our own Buddha nature that every human being is born with and can be brought forward and explores the quality of patience that resides within us all.

“These perfects are a kind of flowering that can happen. It doesn’t happen because you have gotten better at something, but from discovering that this is your own true nature.”

Slow Down (9:00) – Ingrained in most modern cultures is the idea that progress is about speed and growth. Jack discusses the effect that this mindset of “more, better, faster” has on our development and quality of life.

“Remember the rhythms of life that you were born into; return to them. Live with that kind of dignity and presence that is your birthright.” – Buddhist texts

Resting in the Rhythms (18:40) – Jack talks about how mindfulness practice can support us in finding the natural rhythm of things, which is the key to patience.

“Maybe the opposite of impatience is not patience, but somehow presence, trust, or contentment. To be able to begin to trust where you are. Rumi says, ‘Don’t be an impatient bystander in this life, be present for it.”

Connecting to What Matters (28:45) – How do we find our patience in a tumultuous world rife with war, injustice, and crisis? Jack talks about how patience can be found by quieting our mind and connects us to what is most important.

“What is given you is to quiet your mind and tend your heart and sense what is the direction that you want to offer to this world. Then whether it is injustice, climate change or racism you connect but you act in a different way.”

Planting Your Seeds – (47:30) – Impatience can be bred out of frustration. This comes when we fail to see our desired outcomes in life. Jack reflects on the fruits of planting the seeds of what matters to us most, regardless of what happens.

“So you plant your seeds in all the different ways that you do. Then something beautiful and unstoppable, life itself which is what you are, comes into you and becomes part of yourself”

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