Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 60 – Vastness and Love


On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack explores the threefold training in Buddhism which shows us the vastness and love within when we quiet ourselves.

Show Notes

Mysteries of Being (Opening) – Jack reflects on the vastness of joy and loss that he has been experiencing in his own life, as well as the greater mysteries of life and death.

“Death is so mysterious, here is this person that you know and love, they are in that form and then they are just not there anymore. It is so clear that they are not that body; that corpse.” – Jack Kornfield

Navigating the Human Life (10:45) – Jack discusses practices from Buddhist teachings that aid us in navigating through our human life. The first of these practices is that of virtue (Sila.)

“When you live with integrity; when you speak what is true and you act in ways that do not cause harm, it changes your sense of self.” – Jack Kornfield

Getting Quiet (17:00) – One of the meanings of Samadhi is to quiet the mind, so that we may see clearly and understand. Jack invites us to step out of our busy lives for a moment and get quiet.

“You quiet yourself not so much through effort, but through something much more tender and deep. That is a willingness to step outside of our identity to walk in the mountains or to sit quietly; mostly just to stop and have a conversation with your heart in some way.” – Jack Kornfield

Wisdom Within (21:40) – When we quiet our minds, we discover a vastness within, which allows us to see beyond ourselves. Jack discusses this quality of wisdom (Panna) and the mystery that comes with it.

Our Story (42:00) – Jack discusses the stories tell about ourselves, as well as the story that the Buddha told about himself.

“You either need a big story or no story at all when you are facing the mystery.” – Joseph Campbell

For more on the threefold training, listen to this episode of Heart Wisdom.


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