Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 59 – A Bodhisattva in the World


Live from the Spring Insight Meditation Retreat at Spirit Rock, Jack gives us practices to walk our own Bodhisattva path.

Show Notes

Freedom for us All (Opening) – A Bodhisattva is a being who embodies the freedom attainable through the Eightfold Path and brings it to all it touches. Jack addresses the need for the Bodhisattva in the world to remind us of our true nature.

“We armor ourselves and we learn to navigate all this, but in fact, we are also an organism that is tremendously sensitive and tender. However, we have created a world where this nature is not very well supported.”

Tools for Cultivation (8:30) – How do we, as the Buddha did, walk through this dusty world with its enormous sufferings and unbearable beauty? Jack gives us tools of practice that we can carry with us which allow us to be in this incarnation with wisdom and loving awareness.

“Our state of mind, the way we approach the world, means almost everything.”

Seeing the Soul (after meditation) – After leading a partnered loving-kindness meditation, Jack explains the importance of seeing someone completely.

“What do you learn when you do a practice like this when you bring your gaze to the mysterious being in front of you? One thing you see is the timeless nature of consciousness itself, and you also see that person’s uniqueness.”

Know Thy Self (19:30 after meditation) – By becoming intimate with ourselves, and listening for what our gift to the world is, we become in tune with our Buddha nature. Jack discusses what happens when we tune into our potential; no matter where we are in life.

“It’s not about perfecting yourself, but perfecting your love. Loving-awareness becomes the gateway to freedom.”

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