Chris Grosso – Ep. 1 – David Silver

David Silver started his innovative media career in the late sixties hosting WGBH-TV’s “What’s Happening Mr. Silver?”  David’s 1979 Warner Brothers feature “No Nukes” helped start the whole trend of music/activism feature documentaries.

He also wrote the Billboard #1 MGM film, “The Compleat Beatles” the biopic movie of choice about history’s most famous band. David has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Roger Waters and many others. He has created dozens of CD’s and movies, including pairing Allen Ginsberg with Paul McCartney, and producing the film biography of Timothy Leary. In 2009, David was the consultant to Ang Lee, the Academy Award-winning director, on his Universal/Focus Features release, “Taking Woodstock.” Since 2006, he has also been writing, directing and consulting with Ram Dass’s Love Serve Remember Foundation and, in 2012, directed the “Cultivating Loving Awareness” documentary.

Episode Outline:

  • The Beatles and… Kittens – David discusses in detail his work on the wildly successful MGM Beatles biopic that he wrote.
  • Iron Filings to Magnets – Karmic forces in the universe? You bet… and David talks about his personal experiences with them, noting particularly how they led to his meeting Ram Dass, Krishna Das and more for the first time.
  • Not Superstar, Messenger – David shares about his experience not only working with the legendary Bob Marley, but more importantly, their friendship and how it changed his life. He also recounts a Bob Marley concert that he, Ram Dass, Krishna Das and more were at and the impact it had on them.
  • Donkey’s Years – From Maharishi and TM to Ram Dass and Maharjji and more, David discusses his spiritual journey and experiences from the beginning to present day.
  • Maharajji Satsang – David talks about his decades long relationship with the Maharajji satsang, which, in 2006, led to his helping them on various video endeavors and how it’s taken him deeper into his own spirituality. He also recounts other work he’s been involved with and the dynamic from various ends of the joy and suffering spectrum.
  • Mindrolling and Mindpod – David takes us on a recent trip down memory lane sharing about how the Mindrolling Podcast he co-hosts with Raghu Markus got its start, and how that blossomed into the incredible Mindpod Network which features luminaries such as Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Jack Kornfield & Sharon Salzberg.


Books: Be Here Now by Ram Dass, Love Your Enemies by Sharon Salzberg, Bringing Home the Dharma by Jack Kornfield

Music: Krishna Das – Kirtan Wallah, Bob Marley – Legend, Ramones – Ramones

Movies: The Compleat Beatles, Fierce Grace