Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 22 – Dancing the Tantric 3-Step

Dale Borglum - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 22 - Dancing the Tantric 3-Step

This week on the Healing at the Edge podcast, Dale explores the 3-step process of using tantric practice to overcome suffering.

Show Notes

The Two Paths (Opening) – In several disciplines of spiritual practice there are two main paths, the path of yoga and the path of tantric practice. Dale discusses the differences in these two paths and looks at the nature of empowerment in tantric practice. He speaks about what tantra teaches us about our experiences.

“In a way, tantra is about being aware of enjoyment. It is very difficult to do this until we have done enough yoga. Until we have spent a lot of time cultivating enough awareness and compassion so that we can begin to have this very different open relationship with our experience.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum    

Dancing the Tantric 3-Step (7:25) – We look 3-step process of meditation, compassion and tantric practice that allows a person to work with fear and suffering. He examines the delicate balance of going deeply into the sensory experience without falling into the traps of the ego.

“We go beyond there being a ‘me’ having an emotion and it is more about the relationship – more of a sense that the emotion itself is an expression of divine reality.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum  

Lama Surya Das speaks with Sally Kempton about tantra and merging the paths of wisdom and devotion on Ep.27 of the Awakening Now Podcast

Back to Basics (19:15) – Sometimes an obstacle that we are trying to overcome through tantric practice is so stuck in our psyche that we have to go back to our basic yogic practices of awareness and compassion. Dale speaks about getting caught up in certain modalities when they are not working for us.

“Be with your experience, being on that edge of perception and even surrendering into the divine nature of things. Divine doesn’t have to mean that it’s all angels and rainbows, it can be very simple and straight-forward – a sense of aliveness and beingness that one is experiencing.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum   

Dale Borglum - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 22 - Dancing the Tantric 3-Step

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