Gil Fronsdal – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 40 – A Mindful Family

Gil Fronsdal shares a reflection on cultivating mindfulness in the family unit.

Inner Circle

Gil reflects on the importance of developing our networks of community. This includes our tightest and most personal community – our family. Gil confronts some of the stereotypes of isolation around Buddhism, looking to the Buddha’s teachings about the interdependence between the individual and the group.

“Without the group, without others, there would be no Dharma, no practice.” – Gil Fronsdal

A Mindful Family (12:48)

We look at the most effective ways that mindfulness can be introduced and reinforced in the family unit.

“I believe that one of the greatest things I could offer my children is the Dharma. In non-Dharmic terms, it is to offer them a deep sense of inner peace, wellbeing, freedom, and compassion. That we can walk through the world with safety, wisdom, and trust that can support them to find their way – no matter what goes on.” – Gil Fronsdal 

Psychologist Dr. Christopher Willard shares a conversation about how parents and children can wake up together on Ep. 8 of the Road Home Podcast
How We Relate (23:35)

How does the practice of mindfulness change how we relate to ourselves and those closest to us?

“A huge part of what we call the self is a system of relating to things.” – Gil Fronsdal

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