Gil Fronsdal – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 10 – Just Be

On this episode of the Be Here Now Network’s Guest Podcast, Gil Fronsdal explores how to let go of our attachment to outcome and just be.

Show Notes

Love Just Is (Opening) – Somethings in life just are just the way that they are. Love is one of these things.Gil talks about resting in the space of love that just is. He talks about the possibility of opening ourselves to these spaces and how to just be with it.

“One of the things that I have learned through practice is that some things just are. To realize that they just are means that maybe we don’t have to do so much about them.”

Self and Others (9:15) – Gil shares the Buddha’s simple but profound statement about a wise person being one whose actions benefit more than just themselves or others.

“A wise person is someone who benefits themselves, benefits others, and benefits self and others. All three of these categories. Many people understand about benefiting themselves and some about benefiting others. But somehow we got the message that it should be one or another.

Practice Carries Everything (18:55) – Our meditative practice is meant to create a space to carry everything that arises. Gil discusses the limitations we place on our capacity to just be when we avoid issues that come up. He describes what happens when we decide to take the time to be with our suffering.

“To turn your back to something limits the capacity of the love that just is to resonate and respond. It limits our capacity to be awareness and to be a human in an open way. We are able to learn what is really happening in this situation if we take time just to be with it. As opposed to doing away with our desires, fears, agendas and to allow it to just be.”

How Does This Work as a We? (25:00) – By dropping our attachment to our personal outcome and focusing on what is best for the greater whole, we are able to rest in awareness. Gil asks us to look at our actions through the lens of “we” and not “I.”

“It is possible to be at home in one’s heart and in this world without needing to prove anything, accomplish anything or be anything. I think that if we can give that experience to our world, then perhaps each individual person can be themselves and who they are can be gifts to the world.

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