Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 25 – An Opportunity for Repair

Francesca Maximé - ReRooted - Ep. 25 - An Opportunity for Repair

Francesca Maximé offers a reflection on the opportunity for healing and repair that is available when we bring awareness to destructive systemic patterns, our attachment to our small sense of self and the traumas that inhibit us.

Rupture & Repair

How can we better connect with our true selves and to one another? Francesca examines how our identity is impacted by forces of systemic inequality and false narratives that we develop from them. With a foundation in the wisdom of the Budha’s teachings around the Four Noble Truths, Francesca offers a look at how awareness of our separation and a false sense of self presents an opportunity for healing.

“What does it mean, at a very grand level, to get curious about who we are? Of how we came to be and what are the constructs of our personality? Curious about where and how do we feel separate, and what might we be beyond that.” – Francesca Maximé

How can poetry help us in our journey for growth and healing? Francesca shares the transformative role that poetry plays in her own life and reads her winning poem “Pleather” at the 40th-anniversary celebration of the Passaic County Community College Poetry Center: Watch Here
Being With Our Trauma (13:30)

Once we are at a point where we can look at our trauma and our narratives, we can start to get a clear look at our life. Francesca examines the tools that can bring us the clarity we need to take a macro perspective of how we affect and are affected by the world.

“As we do some of the work, we can invite in a larger sphere of asking , ‘Where do we come from?” – Francesca Maximé

Discover how Somatic Experiencing can heal trauma with Dr. Peter A. Levine on Ep. 5 of the ReRooted Podcast
Understanding The Roots of Suffering for All (22:00)

Francesca speaks about how those of us with a background in the racial majority or privilege can better understand how the threads of the past play into the different forms of suffering experienced today. She shares resources for better understanding the history of people suffering from systemic injustice and for better understanding our own racial history: Hard Conversations – An Introduction to Racism and Its Undoing | White Awake | African American Multi-Generational Trauma & Implementing Models of Change

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