Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 20 – Human Giver Syndrome with Emily Nagoski

Francesca Maximé - ReRooted - Ep. 20 - Unlocking The Stress Cycle with Emily Nagoski

Author and sex educator Emily Nagoski joins Francesca Maximé for a conversation around bringing balance to the structural systems of oppression and patriarchy that harm women.

A gifted and engaging speaker, Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., is an expert on women’s sexual wellbeing, healthy relationships, and the prevention of sexual violence and harassment. Emily is the award-winning author of the New York Times bestseller, Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life. Her new book, Burnout, explains why women experience burnout differently than men. Learn more about Emily and her offerings at

Human Giver Syndrome

Francesca and Emily explore how personality types in relationships often boil down to the roles of givers and takers. They discuss how the role of a giver can easily become a source of oppression and self-destruction for women.

“If you have ‘human giver syndrome’ you believe that it is a woman’s moral obligation to be pretty, happy, calm, generous and attentive to the needs of others.” – Emily Nagoski

Unlocking The Stress Cycle (10:05)

What are the measurable side-effects of an imbalanced relationship on the only giver in a relationship? Emily examines how the cycle of stress that is established in imbalanced relationships can erode a person’s wellbeing; offering strategies for breaking the cycle of stress and finding refuge in our relationships.

Living More Relationally (43:20)

Francesca and Emily look at ways that we can live with one another that create relationally intimacy and support the needs of the individual.

“You open yourself up to the possibility of being wounded when you are living relationally and fully. Yet, if you are able to keep coming back, you can drop into a different kind of place of being and live more fully.” – Francesca Maximé

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