Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 15 – Identity, Trauma and Privilege with Tada Hozumi

Tada Hozumi

Francesca speaks with cultural somatics practitioner Tada Hozumi about gender identity, the confluence of trauma and white privilege, and the concept of insecure cultural attachment.

Tada Hozumi is a practitioner of a practice known as cultural somatics. The work of cultural somatics is facilitating change by supporting the co-healing of individual and cultural bodies. Tada offers coaching and consulting work, as well as workshops. You can learn more about Tada at

Supermarket Pronouns

Francesca and Tada begin their conversation by touching on gender identity and the use of pronouns, and how it’s always good to have a space that affirms your existence. They talk about how the root of mindfulness is in being curious and learning, and not making assumptions.

“So much of our learning process is baked in with the trauma response.” – Tada Hozumi

Getting Messy (10:03)

The conversation gets a little messy, which is exactly what Francesca and Tada want! They talk about the intersection of trauma and white privilege. What happens when generations of trauma are stored in the body, and how does that manifest in spaces of healing?

“Even when we were talking about the messiness of life, a lot of the times things like racism and transphobia weren’t included in that messiness for a very long time in healing spaces.” – Tada Hozumi

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Finding the Boogeyman (31:40)

What does insecure cultural attachment mean? Francesca and Tada address this concept. They talk about cultural somatics, and end the show with a search for our cultural boogeyman. Be sure to check back for part two of this conversation, which is coming soon.

“A lot of the time, people who are marginalized experience the pain of the cultural body.” – Tada Hozumi

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