Dr. Robert Svoboda – Living With Reality – Ep. 5 – Samkhya and the Five Elements


Dr. Robert Svoboda explores Samkhya, which is the underlying philosophy of Ayurveda, and leads a meditation on Prana and the Five Elements.

Prana and the Five Elements

Dr. Svoboda leads a meditation centered around moving Prana, or energy, through the Five Elements of the body. He teaches a way of meditative breathing that is useful when exploring the Five Elements, the dynamic of which is based in the Samkhya philosophy.

“Most people today do not breathe with the diaphragm, and therefore they are not getting the energy, the Prana, to get down into the body.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

Joseph Goldstein explores energy from a Buddhist perspective in Insight Hour Ep. 68
Samkhya (20:10)

What is Samkhya? Dr. Svoboda talks about how Samkhya is the underlying philosophy for Ayurveda and many of the Indian sciences. He explores the Samkhya perspective on the origin of the universe and consciousness, how it differs from the modern Western perspective, and how we as human beings act as a mirror for the Supreme Reality.

“First there was the expansion into separation, then there was the return of the intelligence back in the direction of the Supreme Reality, but from a position of apparent separation. And then, because of the law of karma, now that awareness had to go back out again.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

The Five Senses of Awareness and Action (37:55)

Dr. Svoboda covers the five senses of awareness and the five senses of action. He talks about approach and avoidance, and the disease of craving. We should all be focusing on connecting back to the Supreme Reality, but craving can keep us from being able to recognize the pure nature of reality.

“The mind takes in information from the five organs of perception, and it sends information out to the five organs of action.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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Images via Gerd Altmann and mohamed hossan