Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 88 – Wayne Liquorman

Wayne Liquorman

Author and speaker Wayne Liquorman joins the Indie Spiritualist to talk about non-duality and moving beyond the sense of authorship that is often attached to identity.

Wayne Liquorman was both a spiritual seeker and a family man with a successful export business, when he met his guru, Ramesh Balsekar, in September 1987. His first book, No Way: A Guide For the Spiritually ‘Advanced’ was published in 1990 under the pen name Ram Tzu because he “didn’t want a bunch of miserable seekers cluttering up his living room.” Other books he has written include Acceptance of What IS, Enlightenment Is Not What You Think, and The Way of Powerlessness: Advaita and The 12 Step of Recovery. You can learn more about Wayne at

Divine Hypnosis

Chris and Wayne open the show with a discussion on the concept of non-duality. Wayne explains the term “divine hypnosis,” which points to the grand illusion that we are all separate and independent entities.

“The problem is not identity. What brings suffering is not the sense that, ‘I am Wayne.’ That, to me, is a complete misunderstanding of the teaching. But rather that this ‘I,’ which is present, is not independent. So the ‘I’ is part of the functioning of totality, it is an aspect of the universe.” – Wayne Liquorman

Authorship of Identity (23:36)

Wayne guides Chris through the twists and turns formed by the intellectual mind as they further discuss the concept of identity. For Wayne, the problem isn’t having a unique identity – we all do – but rather having the sense of authorship that often comes attached to identity.

“Within this teaching there is no ‘should do.’ Within this teaching is, ‘what will you do next as part of the functioning of the universe?’ Will it be positive? Will it be negative? We don’t know. Will you take credit or blame for it after the fact? We don’t know. But something will happen, that we know.” – Wayne Liquorman

Advaita (43:38)

Advaita is a Sanskrit word that means “not two.” For Wayne and his guru, Ramesh Balsekar, it points to the essential unity of things and is the living inquiry of their spiritual practice. Chris and Wayne end the show with a discussion of the guru-disciple relationship.

“In my case, I was blessed to have a relationship with a guru who I fell very much in love with. And through whose presence I experienced some incredible expansions that made me know in my deepest being what was possible.” – Wayne Liquorman

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