Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 82 – Joshua Coburn

Chris Grosso - The Indie Spiritualist - Ep. 82 - Joshua Coburn

This time on the Indie Spiritualist Podcast, Chris sits down with author and motivational speaker Joshua Coburn.

The two share a sincere conversation around getting real with ourselves, taking a gradual path towards reaching our goals and the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Joshua Coburn is a youth speaker, author, mentor & “Corporate Oddity” who has spent his life & career redefining stereotypes, living his passions, and assisting others to Dream Big, Believe Big, & Succeed Big. Today, Coburn has made it his mission to make kindness a way of life while speaking with students across the nation on the inspirational and emotional rollercoaster ride known as the Manners & Motivation Tour. Learn more about Josh at

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Show Notes

Releasing our Demons (Opening) – Josh speaks about the difficulties in childhood that led to a loss of self-worth, the cultivation of anger and outbursts of violence. He shares the deepest moment of darkness in his past which led to a breakthrough on how he can begin to live a life of joy and service.

“I felt like an outcast in my small town. Through that there was a lot of anger and loss of self-worth, I had very little personal value. I did not know what anxiety was and that was what I was feeling, but I dealt with that for years. September 5th, 2001 is the day when I decided that I was going to end my life because of all this, because of the things we all carry. Thankfully, I got up hours later, after writing the note, realizing that I felt better and the reason I felt better was that I released something – that is the beginning for me of the change that led me to where I am today.” – Joshua Coburn

Iron Never Lies (11:50) – Chris and Josh talk about the role that nutrition and physical fitness play in our mental health and emotional stability. Josh shares advice from his own experience around how we can stay on track by making gradual changes in our health and fitness; the small changes which snowball into the bigger goals we want to accomplish, rather than making large and unsustainable leaps towards those goals.

“When it comes to mental stamina and physical strength, in my eyes, they are intrinsically linked. If you move yourself mentally or choose to make changes physically that boosts confidence to a level that in many ways is untouchable, confidence that is healthy and not cocky.” – Joshua Coburn 

Joshua Coburn

The Scars We Share (28:35) – We look at the scars, seen and unseen, that remind us of our struggles and provide inspiration for continuously moving forward. Josh speaks about the challenges of working with young people and breaking down their emotional armor with his own honesty and vulnerability.

Sh*t That Needs Said (38:00) – Josh talks about his upcoming book, Sh*t That Needs Said, a no BS tome of inspiration that aspires to get people motivated by getting real about life.

“If a kid, 20 years from now, gets to gnaw on the bones of the results that I have helped others have gained – I am absolutely stoked. That is what this is about, we are here together.” – Joshua Coburn 

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