Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 104 – Modern Mindfulness w/ Cory Allen

cory allen

Podcaster and author Cory Allen joins the Indie Spiritualist to talk about modern mindfulness, dealing with anxiety and depression, and transcendence through music.

Cory Allen is an author, meditation teacher, audio engineer, and host of the Astral Hustle podcast. Through his popular online meditation course, Release Into Now, along with Binaural Beats for meditation, he has helped thousands of people learn to meditate with clarity and simplicity. Cory’s new book, Now is the Way: An Unconventional Approach to Modern Mindfulness, is now available. Learn more about him at

Modern Mindfulness

Chris welcomes Cory to the show as they discuss the various philosophical and spiritual books that guided their very similar journeys through life. They talk about Cory’s book, Now is the Way, and his unconventional approach to modern mindfulness.

“What I do is really talk about [mindfulness] in a way that it means to be alive today, because a lot of the great [mindfulness] books out there don’t really address the struggles and the challenges that we’re facing now.” – Cory Allen

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Evolutionary Hangovers and Protection Mechanisms (20:08)

The conversation takes a slight detour into the realm of biological evolution and what Cory calls the evolutionary hangover. Chris and Cory explore dealing with anxiety and depression, and how we can work to reset our neural pathways through meditation and mindfulness practice.

“We might think because we live in a relatively civil society that we’re somewhat out of the jungle, but we’re so still in the jungle as far as our nervous system goes.” – Cory Allen

Transcendence Through Music (43:23)

Chris and Cory talk about the importance of self-care and how we can create good, long-lasting habits. The conversation ends with a discussion of the power of music and how, no matter the style, it can lead to transcendence.

“Having a good scaffolding for your day really will set you up so you can be the most effective, and also feel the best.” – Cory Allen


Images via Cory Allen with credit to Chrisopher Schenk