Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 35 – Tehya Sky

Tehya Sky

Tehya Sky is a metaphysical guide and healing facilitator who offers retreats and workshops internationally.


Tehya Sky’s work focuses on helping us integrate our humanity and our divinity, as well as honor our unique callings. Sky lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Show Notes


Dysfunction — Tehya discusses her formative childhood years, working in the music industry in LA, and finding her way onto the spiritual path.


Spirituality Today — Tehya and I discuss spirituality and whether people are looking for something different today or not.


Something Different — Tehya talks about what from A Ceremony Called Life offers that many of today’s “self-help” books don’t.


Influences — Tehya shares some of the important influences in her life, and I share about an experience including Radiohead, acid, and the millennium.


It All Is — Tehya and I discuss how spirituality can imbue all areas of our lives.


Vulnerability — Tehya shares about how vulnerability and how accepting our vulnerability leads to healing and growth.


Misunderstandings — Tehya and I discuss some of the common misunderstandings on the spiritual path, including the belief that we should get rid of our egos and have a silent mind.


Separation — Tehya talks about what causes the feeling of separation and how to work through the obstacles that keep us feeling separate.


For more on Tehya Sky and her, visit Check out Tehya’s book, A Ceremony Called Life HERE!


Tehya Sky

A Ceremony Called Life: When Your Morning Coffee Is as Sacred as Holy Water

When we gather in ceremony—to welcome a newborn, celebrate a marriage, or bid farewell to those we’ve lost—we are fully present to our lives and in touch with the deep meaning that feeds our souls. Imagine how our lives might change if we brought the same loving attention to every “ordinary” moment. This is the invitation of A Ceremony Called Life, the debut book by new author Tehya Sky.

For anyone struggling to find their place and purpose in our ever-changing world, Sky deconstructs our most common spiritual ideas and empowers readers to participate whole-heartedly in the magic and mystery of our human journey. Topics include recalibrating our vision of spirituality; moving through the obstacles that keep us feeling separate; embodying our sacred nature of creator and created; discovering the miraculous through the mundane; and engaging all of life as the spiritual practice.