Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 47 – Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett

Chris sits down with author Samantha Bennett to talk about being in the moment, focusing on changes that are doable, and realizing that everything is perfect just the way it is.

Samantha Bennett is a writer, speaker, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist and author of the bestselling, “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day.” Samantha Bennett is the creator of the Organized Artist Company which is dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck, especially by helping them focus and move forward on their goals.


Show Notes

Be Here Now (Opening) – Sam talks about her path, working her way out of an unsatisfying situation and transforming herself into the fulfilled and successful person she is today. Working as an actress in Hollywood, Sam was doing all the right things but not finding the success she needed to make a living. She realized that her frustration came from locating her happiness in the future. Once she realized that being here now, in the moment, is where she can find fulfillment, everything began to change.

Nothing Bad is Happening (5:00) – A lot of the time, whether you are in the moment or not, things suck. Sam teaches her clients to understand that there is no reason to feel this way, because nothing “bad” is really happing. Like Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass say, “It’s perfect, it’s perfect.” Sam explains what this mindset set offers us, she and Chris unpack what it means to look at the spectrum of our suffering and what we can take from it.

“Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Start Right Where You Are (17:45) – Chris and Sam talk about her most recent book, Start Right Where You Are. An important message of the book is to start seeing yourself in everyone else. We all want to be comfortable, to love and be loved. If we approach every interaction with this mindset we can lighten our hearts and heighten our joy.

We all are becoming more and more overwhelmed by our busy lives. Sam and Chris talk about setting limits for ourselves and taking the time to disconnect from everything and reconnect with ourselves.

Doable Changes (29:30) – Sometimes we have to take a break from taking care of everyone else and remember to take care of ourselves. We don’t have the power to change everything. It is important to focus on the things that we do have influence over and affect the world in any positive way, no matter how small it is.

Sam gives us a few of the “Doable Changes” from her book that we can use to make those little changes that are possible in our lives.

Complaints into Requests (39:00) – In her book, Sam talks about the practice of “Turning Complaints into Requests.” There is no point in complaining about things that we don’t like. She shares ways we can better communicate and take responsibility for the situation.

Sam and Chris also talk about what she calls “Happy Grownup Naked Time.” The practice is a reflection of our bodies. By appreciating every aspect of our bodies, we learn to love ourselves more deeply and be more at ease.


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