Chris Grosso – Ep. 21 – Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a prolific educator and author of seven books, including a revised and updated edition of her seminal work Conscious Evolution. She is an evolutionary thinker who believes that global change happens when we work collectively and selflessly for the greater good. Visit her online at

Episode Outline:

  • Vocation of Destiny – Barbara discusses what initially led her life’s path of exploring conscious evolution, including the atomic bomb, church, college, meeting President Eisenhower and more.
  • Conscious Evolution – Barbara discusses evolution becoming conscious in humans and how turning into evolution by choice, not chance can help expedite the process.
  • Evolution or De-volution – Barbara discusses Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s statement that there are two different kinds of people on earth—homo-progressive and bourgeoisie—and the impact on evolution by each.
  • The New Story of Evolution – Barbara discusses the evolving nature of humans and the universe as part of cosmogenesis.
  • The Impulse of Creation – Barbara discusses what Ken Wilber calls “Spirit-in-action” which includes higher consciousness, greater freedom and a more complex order.
  • And More!!!


Barbara’s Website

Barbara’s Books: Conscious Evolution, Emergence,

Other Books: A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber, The Field by Lynne McTaggart