Chris Bashinelli – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 71 – The Journey to Authenticity w/ Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin joins Chris Bashinelli for a conversation around the journey to authenticity and being in the moment, humanity and transparency, and the trappings of fame and celebrity.

Kelly Carlin is a writer, speaker and broadcast host. She is also a practitioner of Zen Buddhism, has a Masters in Jungian/Archetypal psychology, and is a producer on-screen and in the theater. Daughter of comedian George Carlin, Kelly comes from a family steeped in comedy, full of big ideas and warm hearts. Learn more about Kelly’s work, find her podcast, radio show and more at

The Journey to Authenticity

Chris welcomes Kelly, and asks about her connection to Ram Dass. Chris reads a quote from comedian Garry Shandling about the journey to authenticity, and Kelly talks about her relationship with Garry and the advice he gave her about being fully present in the moment when performing on the stage. Kelly explores the powerful experience of connecting with the audience during a performance. 

“The thing I loved about [Ram Dass], and why he so works for me, is that he’s got an amazing sense of humor. I mean, that really is, for me, I think the highest degree of enlightenment is being able to laugh at yourself, and to laugh at the show that this is.” – Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin talks about waking up to our true selves on Mindrolling Ep. 318
Humanity and Transparency (20:48)

Chris and Kelly discuss the power of witnessing true humanity in a performance on the stage or screen. They talk about Kelly’s book, A Carlin Home Companion, and how it helped humanize her father in a very important way. Kelly brings up the potency of transparency and how it’s the biggest gift we can give each other, and shares some of her experience in the role of “George Carlin’s daughter.” 

“I always want to give people permission to take off their masks and just show each other our humanity.” – Kelly Carlin

The Trappings of Fame and Celebrity (43:16)

The conversation shifts to the trappings of fame and celebrity, and how people objectify celebrities. Kelly shares some of her experience with being starstruck and talks about how we tend to project our shadow aspects onto other people. They end the show with a discussion about Kelly’s spiritual practice.

“I found that the longer I was hanging out with these ‘famous people,’ these celebrities, I was watching my own progress with claiming my own divine, sacred energy.” – Kelly Carlin

Chris would like to thank comedian/ speaker, Michael Pritchard as well as William (Ze’ev) Korn, for making this connection possible.
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