BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 172 – Three Foundations of the Eightfold Path with Trudy Goodman

Focusing on Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna, Trudy Goodman explains how the Eightfold Path can carry us through all of our life experiences.

“This being called to the practice, it will carry you through all the circumstances of your life. No matter what comes to you in this life, it will.” – Trudy Goodman

In this episode of the BHNN Guest Podcast, Buddhist teacher Trudy Goodman offers a lesson on:
  • The Eightfold Path as an expression and fulfillment of awakened life
  • Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna
  • Establishing ourselves in goodness and the gift of fearlessness
  • The bliss of blamelessness when we are free from guilt and regret
  • How committing to wise intention naturally improves our life
  • Noticing what’s here in the present moment and gathering the fragmented pieces of ourselves
  • The limitless portability and applicability of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness as the steady and accepting love of grandparents
  • Falling in love with the miracle of our own being
  • Being drawn into the practice and allowing it to carry us
  • Having receptivity to the unfolding of things

“Mindfulness helps us notice what’s here so that we can start to gather and bring back all these scattered, fragmented bits of ourselves and our experience. As we bring them into our awareness and as we bring them back home to the heart, to more wholeness, these bits and pieces of our life experience and ourselves begin to coalesce and settle down and peacefully co-exist. We can have love, we can aversion, we can have likes and dislikes, and they can peacefully live in the same heart. There doesn’t have to be any conflict.” – Trudy Goodman

This talk was originally published on Dharmaseed
About Trudy Goodman:

Trudy is a Vipassana teacher in the Theravada lineage and the Founding Teacher of InsightLA. For 25 years, in Cambridge, MA, Trudy practiced mindfulness-based psychotherapy with children, teenagers, couples and individuals. Trudy conducts retreats and workshops worldwide.

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