Meeting the True Guru – Kabir

true guru

“When you meet the true Guru, He will awaken your heart; He will tell you the secret of love and detachment, and then you will know indeed that He transcends this universe.

He is the Ultimate Rest unbounded: He has spread His form of love throughout all the world. From that ray which is Truth, streams of new forms are perpetually springing: and He pervades those forms.

There the Unstruck Music eddies around the Infinite One; There in the midst the Throne of the Unheld is shining, whereon the great Being sits — Millions of suns are shamed by the radiance of a single hair of His body.

On the harp of the road what true melodies are being sounded! and its notes pierce the heart: There the Eternal Fountain is playing its endless life-streams of birth and death.” – Kabir

What is it like to come into the presence of the true Guru? This Guru is not the man or woman who has attracted us to them with their inner light, like a moth to a flame. That Guru is only there to act as a mirror and reveal the Guru within.

In this poem, Kabir speaks of coming into the presence the inner Guru. Those who have had this experience find it hard to put into words. However, Kabir finds a way to extoll the rapturous sensation of having every level of his soul being penetrated with the light of God.

When we are presented to the Guru within, we are being introduced to God. This is because the Guru only exists to show us the aspect of God within us all. As Ramana Maharshi said,”God, the guru, and the Self are the same.”



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