Trudy Goodman – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 55 – Working With the Mind

How can we work with the neverending flow of thoughts, emotions, and sensations as they arise in the mind?

Trudy Goodman shares a meditation and words of wisdom around cultivating the ability to work with the thinking mind.

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“We are looking at the mind through the lens of impermanence. Everything arises, everything has its being and vanishes. One of the things that we are learning to do as we practice is to be more sensitive to this activity of coming and going. Sensitive to the birth and death of experience of each phenomenon. We can see this profound dharmic truth with each breath.

Thoughts and feelings happen, it is nothing personal. We are not our fault. Our thoughts and feelings are impermanent – based on causes and conditions. Our work in mindfulness is not to quiet or still the mind, although that can happen at times, our work is to make this thinking conscious. To bring even our fleeting thoughts into our awareness. This is how we get to have some choice in how we react and how we respond.”

Getting Lost in Thought (29:10)

Trudy looks at how we can work with overwhelming thoughts and emotions. She speaks to what the Buddha’s teachings on the three universal truths can teach us about working with the mind without getting swept up in what arises.

Art via Andrey_Kuzmin