Trudy Goodman – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 33 – Inevitable Awakening

This time on the BHNN Guest Podcast, Trudy Goodman reflects on the fruits of mindfulness and shares practices that hasten our inevitable awakening.

Trudy Goodman, Ph.D., is a Vipassana teacher in the Theravada lineage and the Founding Teacher of InsightLA. She also teaches residential retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center, and Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, among others. Learn more at

Show Notes

Inevitable Awakening (Opening) – Trudy opens with a reflection on our Buddha nature and why we practice. She shares the story of “The Buddha and The Dullard” and unfolds The Buddha’s simple teaching of impermanence.

“The mind and heart, when watered with attention and kindness and mindfulness, know how to unfurl and reveal themselves to us. They know how to blossom, even in the midst of suffering.” – Trudy Goodman 

The Truth Of Our Suffering (12:45) – Mindfulness allows us to see the wisdom of The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. Trudy looks at the truths about our distorted and self-centered worldview that mindfulness reveals to us.

“We start to see that all of our suffering is reacting to reality, wanting it to be more or different – certainly better than it is. The painful emotions come from the way that we disconnect from reality. The second task is to see our reactions to the situation at hand and how we can just let them be.” – Trudy Goodman 

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Three Qualities of Mind (19:50) – How can enlightenment be actualized through mindfulness practice? Trudy shares the teachings of Zen master Dogen about the power of mindfulness and the three qualities of mind that mindfulness awakens.

Mindful Breath (39:00) – Trudy shares breathing practices that can be used to center ourselves and see what is arising within.

Art via Olga Strelnikova