Lama Surya Das – Ep. 29 – Ram Dass: Friend and Spiritual Pioneer


On this latest episode of Awakening Now, Lama Surya Das shares on the many aspects of Ram Dass that he has experienced as a friend, mentor, and spiritual pioneer. Ram Dass has been an inspiration to Lama Surya Das, as a teacher at the forefront of the Be Here Now movement and 50 years of teaching. Through Ram Dass’ own practice and exploration, he has helped millions of seekers find there own truth:

“Ram Dass is an axial personality, as Carl Jung called it, someone who brings the divine fire down and transforms it into human language and discourse… a person that brings together the past, present, future and the timeless.”

Show Notes:

3:30 – Lama Surya Das discusses Ram Dass in the sixties and his first encounters with him at Syracuse and India.

6:00 – Ram Dass as a spiritual pioneer and the greater impact of his teachings, helping to bridge eastern and western approaches to spirituality

9:00 – “Fierce Grace” the movie, and Ram Dass’ perspective on being grateful for everything, even having a stroke

10:10 – On how Ram Dass helps us to see past holy teachings and practice and get a sense for the spirit behind the law

14:00 – The clarity of Ram Dass’ being helps us to connect to a higher source.

21:17 – Ram Dass’ embracing of his humanity, showed us how to walk the spiritual path ourselves, beyond any “-isms” and seek our own truth.

If you’re curious about Lama Surya Das’ first encounter with Maharaji, check out his story in our Teacher Spotlight. Also, for more teachings and offering from Ram Dass, visit