Spring Washam – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 49 – Reflections on Faith

Spring Washam - BHNN Guest Podcast - Ep. 49 - Reflections on Faith

Spring Washam offers a Dharma talk that explores the power of faith on the spiritual path.

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The Seed

What is the importance of faith on the spiritual path? Spring speaks about how faith factors into spiritual practice and ways we can cultivate it in ourselves.

“Faith is the seed and practice is the rain.” – Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

In Our Bones (13:35)

Spring reflects on the inherent wisdom each of us shares, wisdom that the Dharma merely reminds us of. She shares stories and teachings around learning to uncover and find trust in that inner wisdom.

“There is something that is so real about the Dharma. There is a genuine path here. Something ancient and profound. Something we already know. It is in our bones. These teachings are just reminding you of your own wisdom, we just forgot a little bit.” – Spring Washam

The Camel Knows The Way (29:50)

How can faith show us the way when we are lost and unsure of the direction forward? Spring looks at what we can learn from quieting the mind and opening ourselves to our intuition.

“Faith is one of the five qualities of virtue that we cultivate on the path that become transformational.” – Spring Washam

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Spring Washam - BHNN Guest Podcast - Ep. 49 - Reflections on Faith

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