Sharon Salzberg – Metta Hour – Ep. 10 – Mindful Millennials

mindful millennials

Mindful Millennials

Sharon Salzberg and Jared Levy join Raghu Markus for a discussion about the current spiritual landscape, and some of the more encouraging contrasts from their earlier days in practice. The group also comments on the power of purpose in creating our intentions, and the different approaches we can take in aligning our aspirations with our actions. The episode concludes with a fantastic meditation led by Sharon.

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  • Mindful Millennials – Sharon comments on the newer generation of mindfulness practitioners.   The intense level of interest paired with the direct access to practical methodology has made for an interesting landscape. For Sharon, it seemed necessary to travel in order to seek out this wisdom, but that seems to no longer be the case. Perhaps something is lost in the absence of these worldly experiences, but increased levels of exposure seem to be beneficial to the greater whole clearly
  • A Different World – History is happening regardless of our thoughts. The balance required to manage our relationship with accelerating technology is just another part of the practice
  • Purpose (On the Path) – How does purpose play a role in our inner journey? The intention is a vital part of everything we do, the karmic seed is planted in our mental state, at the moment. Integrity can be evaluated in looking at our intentions – This involves aspirations, and a conviction to make them real
  • Witnessing (Spy Consciousness) – Mindfulness involves a strong sense of knowing that doesn’t involve judgment or condemnation, just pure observation, unremoved from the actual experience. The real reward is in the presence this practice brings into our minds and hearts – it’s a deeper understanding, not just an ‘improvement’ upon the given situation
  • Starting Over (A gift or an Excuse?) – Is it really helpful to always allow forgiveness of oneself when making a mistake or slipping on our path?
  • Kindness – Buddhist teachings point to the best kind of generosity as coming from a sense of inner abundance. Kindness is very similar when offered in earnest, in that it implies an inner sufficiency that allows for the offering
  • Promise in Purpose – Raghu praises the current spiritual environment regarding the younger generations. The landscape was not so encouraging when he began his initial experiments in awareness. The momentum involved with this movement has the power to impact our society in profound ways



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