Sharon Salzberg – Metta Hour – Ep. 205 – Real Life Series with Sarah Jones

For episode 205 of the Metta Hour Podcast, we have the third in a special series celebrating Sharon’s new book, “Real Life.” This interview features a conversation between Sharon and Sarah Jones, pulled from the Living An Authentic Life Summit.

Sarah is a Tony Award-winning solo performer, writer, comedian and activist. Sarah is mainly known for her multi-character one-person shows, including Broadway hit Bridge & Tunnel and the critically-acclaimed play Sell/Buy/Date, which inspired the film. In this conversation, Sarah and Sharon speak about:

• Sarah’s new film, “Sell/Buy/Date”

• Art expanding what seems possible

• The political nature of art

• The necessity of courage

• The impacts of covid

• Being able to give our all in life

• Sitting down and getting real

• An encounter with the Buddha in Washington Heights

• People make sense

• Tracing Sarah’s path from childhood

• Learning to hear our inner guidance

• Love is the most powerful force in the universe

To learn more about Sarah’s work, you can visit her website. To hear this interview in it’s entirety, you can sign up for the Living an Authentic Life Summit right here, which runs online from March 29th – April 5th and is free to join.

“We live in a society that requires a certain kind of self-alienation, a competition, and a shutting off of the part of us that knows we are one among many.” – Sarah Jones 

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