Sharon Salzberg – Metta Hour Ep. 26 – Going Home

Going Home

“After some time I realized that what I was doing was trying to do my practice and make it work. Instead of just doing the practice and letting it work. It was an incredible burden I was adding on to the experience that wasn’t actually making it any more fulfilling.”

How can we be passionate while remaining at ease, moving forward in our investigation without losing our center? Sharon describes meditation as a means for learning how to sit in the heart of the paradoxes that we encounter on our path. We have to remain whole-hearted, to be daring in our efforts to explore that longing we feel toward something deeper. Right effort is crucial in maintaining balance and avoiding the strain and self-judgment that can often accompany such endeavors. Our aspiration is both the challenge and the inspiration that we need to shift our energy and identity to something much greater than the roles we play.

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