Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 9 – Julia Graves

Melanie Moser - Shakti Hour - Ep. 9 - Julia Graves

Julia Graves joins Melanie for a conversation around integrating plant medicine with our spiritual practice.

Show Notes

Growing into the Dharma (Opening) – Julia Graves talks about beginning her spiritual path at a time in Germany when spiritual practice was quite uncommon and lacking cultural context. She describes her search for a personal spiritual tradition that led her to a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas.

“I really loved the meditation, it immediately had a very strong effect on my mind in terms of light and expansion.” – Julia Graves

Lily Circle (23:05) – Alongside her Buddhist studies, Julia began to study holistic medicine. Julia used her learnings to create The Lily Circle, a system of flower essences that represent the essence of the feminine on all levels. She and Melanie talk about Julia’s inspiration for creating Lily Circle and the benefits of these botanical essences.

“One thing that I saw in the lives of the women and children I worked with, and also my own spiritual experiences, was the crushing of the feminine. I felt very strongly to do something to change that. So I created the Lily Circle, which is a set of flower essences that are all made of botanical lilies and they represent within the botanical family realm the essence of the feminine.” – Julia Graves

Finding Our Own Way (35:00) – Melanie and Julia talk about navigating our spiritual path. They discuss the ups and downs of finding the right practice for us and the importance of always following our hearts, even when we are discouraged by dogmatism.

“For me it was a blessing that I started as a child in a completely non-spiritual and non-philosophical context, because I can always fall back on the knowledge that I had all these profound spiritual experiences. You don’t need to know a chakra exists for it to open or need to have heard about Shakti in order to experience it.” – Julia Graves  

Trust Your Heart (39:30) – Julia offers her advice for women and girls on the spiritual path.

Find Julia at For more conversation about the divine feminine, check out this interview with Jo Tastula.

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