Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 10 – Lakshmi and Maegan from Hanuman Gardens

Melanie Moser - Shakti Hour - Ep. 10 - Lakshmi and Maegan from Hanuman Gardens

Melanie shares a conversation with Lakshmi and Maegan from Hanuman Gardens.

On this episode of Shakti Hour, Maegan and Lakshmi share their individual stories of how they came to Bhakti yoga, Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba. They discuss the vision and inspiration behind building Hanuman Gardens, as well as the love and devotion that fuels the entire operation.

Show Notes

Love on the Altar (Opening) – Maegan and Lakshmi each share what brought them onto their spiritual paths of Bhakti yoga. They talk about what their practice means to them and the importance of putting love on the altar above all else.

“I have complete faith in Maharaj-Ji and I am not afraid. When there is an absence of fear, all that there is left is love. That’s not saying that I do not have weak moments, but I know for sure where I want to be and that is in love. So if I feel fear, anxiety or any little pestering feelings come up, I address them immediately and find where it is that I am not putting love first.” – Lakshmi

Building a Garden (18:10) – The two share how their love for Maharaj-Ji has fueled the unlikely birth of Hanuman Gardens. We see how love is truly at the heart of everything that happens at Hanuman Gardens.

Feed Everyone (25:30) – Hanuman Gardens have ingrained the principals of permaculture farming into their agricultural production. Meagan and Lakshmi talk about their goals of serving their community by feeding as many people in the most sustainable and healthy ways as they can.

“It’s this whole beautiful network of loving our human neighbors and loving nature.” – Maegan

The Garden of the Divine Feminine (36:30) – Lakshmi and Maegan talk about the embodied presence of the Divine Feminine that they find in their work at Hanuman Gardens.  Maegan shares an important lesson in abundance.

“I believe that there is always enough and that in unconditional love abundance rests inherently. So that is what we like to offer, the experience of abundance. Whether it be in Anoo’s cooking, offering visitors food from Maegan’s or just time with individual people; just sitting with them and really listening and caring about what is going on with them.” – Lakshmi

You Are Enough (46:20) – The two offer a piece of advice for women and girls on the spiritual path.

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