Set and Setting – Madison Margolin – Ep. 14 – Plant Medicine Edutainment w/ Brooke Burgstahler

Plant medicine activist and educational entertainer Brooke Burgstahler joins Madison to talk cannabis, psychedelics, and daily wellness.

Plant medicine activist and educational entertainer Brooke Burgstahler joins Madison to talk cannabis, psychedelics, and daily wellness.

Fully believing you can help uplift the world through conscious content, Brooke Burgstahler is a woman on a mission to spread enlightening information and good vibes! Brooke has appeared on MTV, ABC, AMC, Oxygen, TBS, and Covergirl, and is creator/producer of Prisoners of Prohibition docu-series cannabis advocate and activist, Brooke is currently a reporter/producer for Merry Jane, Snoop Dogg’s cannabis media company. Following the latest in cannabis culture and legislation for the past two years has inspired Brooke to educate broad audiences about the medicinal, environmental, and economical benefits of the marijuana plant. More info at

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Cannabis Edutainment

Welcoming cannabis activist and conscious content creator, Brooke Burgstahler, to the Set & Setting podcast, Madison Margolin invites her to share how she came to discover her dream career of cannabis/psychedelic educational entertainment.

“I was really fortunate to not just journey with cannabis, but also with psychedelics… These are beautiful medicines that help chisel away little bits and pieces of your untruths to bring you a little bit closer into home.” – Brooke Burgstahler

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Expanded Perspectives & Non-Guilt Wellness (15:00)

Steering the conversation into the psychedelic realm, Madison asks Brooke to share what her first experiences were like and what she learned from them. From here, Madison gets some insight into the daily, always changing, non-guilt wellness practices Brooke does to keep herself shining so brightly in the world.

“I don’t think I would be who I am without these chemically induced experiences. And beyond the experiences themselves, the new pathways they open up for you well beyond a substance being in your body is invaluable.” – Brooke Burgstahler 

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Flow States & Be Here Now (30:00)

Madison reflects on the NYC basement jams she would attend where people were ecstatically tapping into flow states by chanting songs in Hebrew and Yiddish. Through this lens, Madison inquires with Brooke: what in life gets her into that ‘be here now’ flow state? To close, they discuss the nuance of intention and mindfulness surrounding taking psychedelics.

“The point of life is to get into this flow state… If you’re not getting to that point ever, then what is the point of everything else? If you’re not enjoying the process, if you’re not finding these moments of ecstatic flow state bliss which then enables you to do things in the world and contribute—then what are you doing?” – Madison Margolin

“It’s been such a gift to know that I’m safe and part of it all. And that is because of plant medicines—they have given me the gift of that feeling, of that comfort, of that knowing that I am part of it all.” – Brooke Burgstahler

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Photo via Emily Eizen