RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 72 – Boredom & Nonduality

Offering wisdom at the spiritually potent merging point of boredom and nonduality, RamDev explores how we can become aware of subtle feelings to ‘mind the gap’ and rest in the wholeness of nature of mind.

In this episode of Healing at the Edge, RamDev illuminates the deep connection and opportunity of awakening encased within the spiritual overlay of boredom and nonduality. Teaching us how to ‘mind the gap,’ trust our subtle emotions, and rest in the true nature of mind, RamDev invites us into the ‘abyss of radical surrender’ to remember who we are as consciousness, awareness, and love itself.

“Right now you’re sitting in your body, your butt’s on the chair, cushion, or sofa. What does that feel like? Can that be the portal to resting in nature of mind? Can we use boring sensation to take us directly to that place?” – RamDev

Looking into Boredom

Opening the session, RamDev shares how the modern phenomenon of boredom has run rampant in the current age of constantly accessible stimulation, entertainment, and excitement at our fingertips. Due to this, when we are not being stimulated, it’s harder for us to pay attention, so we often feel something is wrong. Looking into boredom, he explains how it is almost always covering over feelings of emptiness, vulnerability, and anxiety – all of which our brain would rather distract itself from.

“Boredom is a modern concept, but it is a very fascinating concept. Because boredom is almost always covering over feelings of emptiness, vulnerability, anxiety that we don’t like to feel. So that as soon as the boredom arises, there is a very strong tendency to get lost in thought.” – RamDev

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Nonduality: Mind the Gap (7:10)

Sharing how boredom is a potent entry point for nondual awareness, RamDev elucidates the concept of “Minding the Gap.” Exploring how nonduality is usually noticed within the gap—when there’s not strong emotion or stimulation—he relays how we can trust in emptiness and rest in our basic nature by not clinging to or identifying with the content which arises in our seemingly constant mind-stream.

“Nonduality is usually noticed in ‘the gap’ – when there’s not strong emotion, mental/physical stimulation. What we mean here by nonduality is: We’re not identifying with the content. Content is still arising, but we’re instead dropping our clinging to the known, trusting our basic nature, trusting our inherent goodness, and even beginning to be aware of awareness itself.” – RamDev

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Application for Dying: Abyss of Radical Surrender (21:28)

RamDev applies wisdom around boredom and nonduality to facing the process of death and dying as another moment of wholeness. If we can die into our true nature, crossing the ‘abyss of radical surrender,’ we can remember ‘who we are’ as consciousness itself. Engaging the landing gears, RamDev opens the floor to questions from the satsang about working with subtleties and essence of mind; as well as Maharajji’s view on God.

“If you are resting in this wholeness, dying is another moment of wholeness. If you’re not, this is the worst possible outcome. We’re practicing to die in a very non-morbid way. We’re dying into our true nature, moment to moment. I choose to be around dying people because it reminds me of who I am.” – RamDev

“Is it possible to not be busy, and let go of this need to think, and just be with the sensation of boredom, the more subtle sensations, and let that be the cue, the gateway to resting in wholeness?” – RamDev

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