Ram Dev (Dale Borglum) – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 45 – A Guided Practice on Our Connection to the Divine

Ram Dev (Dale Borglum) - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 45 - Guru Yoga, Prayer & Consciousness

Ram Dev shares a guided meditation practice that focuses on our relationship with God and our connection with the many forms in which The Divine appears.

“Ask your heart, is there a relative form of The Divine that your trust – in which you have faith? A form in which you have a relationship that enables you to go beyond identification with just being the separate self?

Let the mind drop down into the heart. The nature of the heart is connectedness. The nature of the heart is warmth. Feel that warm connection with the sacred. Another quality of the open heart is spaciousness. As we open through prayer, those places where we still attach are more and more seen as small clouds in the vast sky of the heart.

Our relationship with The Divine is the gateway to surrender. A gateway to that which is beyond form; beyond knowing; beyond fear; beyond separation. Trusting that the thing in which we envoke is our own nature – our own body and mind – filled with a sense of devotion and connectedness.

Feel what it is like to rest in this state of prayer, this connected state that at times carries us beyond identification with seperatness and form. What does that feel like in your body? Is this a quality that we can rest in as we live the rest of our lives?”   

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Consciousness, Identity & Prayer (11:40)

Dale explores the deeper connections between our consciousness and the sacred. He examines how the perspective of Tantra can put us in touch with the sacred nature of everything.

“Often, we fall into conditioning and are identified with ego and brain as being fundamental – that we are experiences of an objective world. From the standpoint of Tantra, the world is real but it is internal to awareness. Everything is a function of consciousness and awareness.”

Ram Dev (Dale Borglum) - Healing at the Edge - Ep. 45 - Guru Yoga, Prayer & Consciousness


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