Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 4 – Guru Found

Guru Found

Now, with his guru found, Ram Dass continues on with the most difficult part of his journey for truth – the journey within.

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Frozen in Time (Opening)

Raghu struggles with two deadly diseases in India while awaiting word from Ram Dass about his Guru, and ends up visiting “the Mother” at the Kainchi Ashram – where he finds peace and restfulness. Ram Dass informs Raghu that the guru is found which excites Raghu because now he can finally meet him and go back to America, or so he thinks…

“With ‘the Mother,’ I recognized in me at that moment what Ram Dass had been talking about.” – Raghu Markus

Natural Surrender (3:00)

Ram Dass talks about his contact with Lama Govinda, unpacking the layers of lessons around surrender and the Guru that he took from that meeting.

“What I experienced within those first minutes of meeting Lama Govinda was the experience of surrender, which was no surrender. In other words, I didn’t begrudgingly give up my ego. It was as if I came home to a place where I no longer needed it.” – Ram Dass

Guru Found: Beyond Belief (10:00)

We reflect on the nature of the Western mind in regards to faith. Ram Dass discusses how difficult it can be for many of us to accept the experiences and teachings he has returned to share.

“Faith is a very ephemeral thing to convey to another human in order for them to do their work. All of you know what you need to do a lot on yourselves, but many of you doubt whether you can do it – questioning if there is any payoff or is it just some mushy headed thinking from a pack of hallucinating romantics.” – Ram Dass

Lessons Learned (23:00)

While Maharaj-ji became Ram Dass’s Guru, he was not his primary teacher. We here about the months of lessons that he was taught by this teacher and the incredible inspiration this man provided Ram Dass.


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