Ram Dass Here and Now – Ep. 94 – Tracing Our Spiritual Journey

Tracing Our Spiritual Journey

In tracing our spiritual journey, we have gone from a psychological, economic and political universe into a spiritual universe.

And in the course of tracing our spiritual journey, we have rejected the psychological, economic and political aspects of our lives. We have to finally honor our incarnations, god manifests through form and we have to love the form that we were incarnated into, and give that form space to be what it has to be.

“Only when the desire systems are cooked is perception clear. And then when that is clear, then I will be with my father in a way that is harmonious with everything I know about the spirit and he will not be offended, and that in me which is a spirit will not be offended. That will only come when my desire or perception is unclouded of longing or desire. As long as I still desire to please my father, I still don’t know to honor my father. Can you hear that one?”

We need to stop taking a stance to protect ourselves from the supposed contamination of the world on our so-called ‘spiritual purity’.

What we are should be able to play in all of the fields of our lives. As long as we have the desire to be ‘special’ we are pushing life away out of fear. Afraid of dying into the universe for fear it will contaminate us.


Image via Gwoeii