Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 120 – Dharmic Effort and Faith

Dharmic Effort

Ram Dass has a discussion with Raghu Markus about the fine line between efforts driven by ego and the dharmic efforts that, with faith, bring us closer towards merging into the spacious love that exists beyond duality.

Show Notes

Dharmic Effort (Opening) – What kind of effort is needed to accomplish what we want in life? Raghu and Ram Dass discuss an inspiring story from a long time Satsang member about the moments in life when the garden variety of effort gets in the way of what we want to accomplish. Ram Dass talks about discerning the fine line between right effort – practice, practice, practice – and grasping at desires.

“It”s good to make an effort. But, when you are in your ego, and you are wanting things, that effort is of the mind and it takes you away from your Sadhana. Sometimes too much effort affects your perception and you can’t hear the problem; you can’t hear your Sadhana.” – Ram Dass

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Faith in the Moment (27:45) – Unlearning the competitive and result driven nature of things is a part of Sadhana. Ram Dass and Raghu talk about how little our efforts matter sometimes and how, instead, being present and acting with faith is what we need to do.

The Trusting Heart (33:45) – Ram Dass emphasizes the importance of developing trust by opening the heart to spirit.

“There will be doubts and doubts and doubts. Most people don’t have faith, that’s why they don’t get into the spiritual planes of consciousness; faith and trust, that’s the way you get there.”

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The Essence of Dharmic Effort (45:25) – Raghu and Ram Dass talk about the documentary The Moutain Yogi and how its subject, Pooye Lama Gomchen Milarepa, represents the essence of dharmic efforts. Ram Dass shares stories about Maharaj-Ji who, like the mountain yogi, committed to periods of ascetic practice.

Watch this inspiring film for free here: The Mountain Yogi

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