Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 470 – Sacred Rites for the Next Generation with Frederick Marx

In an inspiring conversation on serving the next generation with sacred rites and mindful guidance, director Frederick Marx joins Raghu Markus.

Frederick Marx is an internationally acclaimed, Oscar and Emmy-nominated director/writer with 40 years in the film business. He was named a Chicago Tribune Artist of the Year, a Guggenheim Fellow, and a recipient of a Robert F. Kennedy Special Achievement Award.  His film HOOP DREAMS played in hundreds of theaters nationwide after winning the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and was the first documentary ever chosen to close the New York Film Festival.

Death as a Teacher

Frederick Marx describes losing his father at a young age. Becoming the man of the house at nine years old propelled Frederick into an inquiry of how to transform into who he wanted and needed to be. He began to explore masculinity, the meaning of life and death, dharma, and more. These topics continue to inspire his art as a director and writer.

“It opened my mind to the incredible vastness of the universe, of life beyond death, of infinity.” – Frederick Marx

Check out Frederick Marx’s book: Rites to a Good Life: Everyday Rituals Of Healing And Transformation
Journey from Zanskar (22:01)

In the documentary film Journey from Zanskar, Frederick Marx follows the journey of remote village children on a quest for Tibetan Buddhist education. This emotional film touches on topics of cultural preservation, privilege, and community. In America, we are lucky to have education and means of easy travel. Our culture will not die out due to a lack of means. Recognizing this privilege and bringing awareness to cultures that have faded is important.

You can watch Journey from Zanskar on Amazon Prime or check out Frederick’s other films on warriorfilms.org
An Initiation into Masculinity // Rites to a Good Life (43:40)

Raghu asks Frederick about his book, Rites to a Good Life: Everyday Rituals Of Healing And Transformation. Losing a father or struggling to find a positive role model in youth may lead young men to seek an alternate initiation into masculinity. This book can offer some of those sacred rights to anyone in need of wisdom and guidance. Frederick believes that in working with young people, we can connect them to the sacred by figuring out what matters most to them.

“I’ve always been looking for ways to bring the sacred back into the every day and to make our lives that much more meaningful.” – Frederick Marx

Check out the young adult Graphic novel, You Are the Universe: Ram Dass Maps the Journey, for the story of Ram Dass’ unconventional journey to self-discovery
Art, Service, and Love (53:05)

Ram Dass inspired many to serve others and provide teachings to the next generation. Frederick Marx says that his purposes in life are Art, Service, and Love. By embracing open-heartedness and vulnerability, all of us can make a difference on this mission as well. The more our youth witness us practicing the qualities Ram Dass touted, the more likely they are to seek the truth themselves.

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