The Purpose of Psychedelics [Video] – Terrence McKenna

Purpose of Psychedelics

The true purpose of psychedelics is to share with the world fresh ideas.

Throughout this animated short talk, Terence McKenna talks about all of the phenomena that you may encounter or experience when utilizing psychedelics. He concisely finishes the talk by saying, “So, to whatever degree anyone of us can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building of the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit. And that, after all, is what it’s really all about.”

The mission statement when blasting off into that head space can be otherwise explained as your intention. If this intention is to bring back a “good” idea, then there will be a much higher possibility of bringing back such an idea, be it spiritual or for more worldly things such as creatively improving technology. This is currently being seen in the real world in none other than Silicon Valley, as CEO’s and programmers have been utilizing LSD to be more creative and productive at work. If the human spirit resides in this physical universe, then really, any idea that improves the world in some way is “redemption of the human spirit.”

Don’t let these “good” ideas prevent you from enjoying the other positive benefits of entering the psychedelic state either! Ram Dass, who has had his fair share of psychedelics (to say the least), says we should “be here now.” If we try to live in the moment, then we can also enjoy the other “behemoth” or “sardine”-sized ideas, sit with them when they come up, and finally let go of them without attachment. When that “middle”-sized idea finally pops into your awareness, then make sure you save it somewhere. Doing this will ensure that you can eventually share it with the world and help the light burn just a little bit brighter!