Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 31 – Hazrat Inayat Khan and the Sufi Path of Love

Sharing insights from the path of love, Omid Safi discusses the teachings of Sufi philosopher, Hazrat Inayat Khan.

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“The real abode of God is in the heart of mankind. There’s this intimate connection between God and humanity, and if our hearts are closed to a portion of humanity, it also means that it is partially closed to God.” Omid Safi

In this episode of Sufi Heart, Omid Safi explores:
  • The universality of love
  • Coming back to the center
  • Experiencing God directly
  • Signs of God in scripture, nature, and our own souls
  • Having an open heart for all of humanity
  • Practicing love as a religion
  • Going into our breath for full presence and communion with God
  • How vast God is, yet how close we are to God
  • The singular focus of God as the beloved
  • The necessity of our ancestors’ wisdom
  • The path of the mystic vs. ordinary religion

“The center is where we come to have that direct, immediate, unmediated experience of God, which is to say, the heart.” Omid Safi

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