Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 12 – Behind it All

Behind it All

Buckle in for a journey with Ram Dass to a place behind it all, beyond the grand illusions, beyond the groovy trips of the mind, and beyond desire and attachment.

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There Is Only One

Raghu Markus opens the show with some stories of Ram Dass’s guru, Maharajji, and his tremendous love and compassion. He talks about how one of the main teachings passed down by Maharajji was the idea that all spiritual traditions are one and the same behind it all.

“Krishna Das was weeping and Maharaji asked, ‘Why are you crying?’ And Krishna Das said, ‘I just love your love.’” – Raghu Markus

Krishna Das shares more Maharajji stories in Pilgrim Heart Ep. 43
Behind It All (15:21)

Ram Dass guides us to a place behind it all, beyond the grand illusions and groovy trips of the mind. He talks about clinging to desires, and how renunciation truly means letting go of all attachment. He explores the Witness, and how there’s really no way out of karma.

“Compassion is being conscious at all levels. That’s what compassion is. Understanding how it all is, everywhere, all the time.” – Ram Dass

Yoga Madness (33:23)

Once the seed of spiritual curiosity has been planted, one starts to look for ways to get on with the journey. Ram Dass explores some of the methods of Yoga available for seekers, including Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga, and Karma Yoga. 

“Yoga means union. Yoga is a systematic method for cutting through the game, for cutting through the illusions.” – Ram Dass

Behind it All


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