Many Ways up the Mountain – Jack Kornfield – Meditation


Many Ways Up The Mountain – On Meditation…

There are many ways up the mountain, but each of us must choose a practice that feels true to his own heart. It is not necessary for you to evaluate the practices chosen by others. Remember, the practices themselves are only vehicles for you to develop awareness, loving-kindness, and compassion on the path toward freedom, a true freedom of spirit.

As the Buddha said, “One need not carry the raft on one’s head after crossing the stream.” We need to learn now only how to honor and use a practice for as long as it serves us – which in most cases is a very long time – but to look at it as just that, a vehicle, a raft to help us cross through the waters of doubt, confusion, desire, and fear. We can be thankful for the raft that supports our journey, and still realize that though we benefit, not everyone will take the same raft.

– Jack Kornfield, A Path with Heart