Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 442 – We Are Safe w/ Mikey Pauker & Shiva Baum

Mikey Pauker and Shiva Baum join Raghu for a conversation around music, spirituality, and getting vulnerable.

Mikey Pauker and Shiva Baum join Raghu for a conversation around music, spirituality, and getting vulnerable.

Mikey Pauker is a folk/world artist playing such festivals and venues as Electric Forest and Red Rocks. His new album, ASCENSION, is an invitation to listen to the call of our inner wilderness and to greet our darkness with understanding and an open heart. Inspired by teachers who blend yoga and mystical practices, he went to study in Jerusalem, soaking up the hidden teachings of his ancestral lineage. These spiritual dimensions guided his artistic development as he explored ecstatic music festivals and mystical religious traditions. Stay connected at mikeypauker.com.

Shiva Baum is a record producer and peak performance coach. With expertise in sacred mantra chanting, Shiva is the head of music programming for the world-renowned yoga music festivals Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest.

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Music & Spirituality // Rise & Vulnerability

Welcoming returning guest and longtime friend, Shiva Baum, alongside new friend and highly talented and heartfelt folk/world artist, Mikey Pauker—Raghu invites them into a conversation circling around music and spirituality. To begin, they dive into Mikey’s background of how he came to forge his unique path of consciousness-infused music which brought about his recent performance on the Ram Dass Soul Land Music Series. Next, they talk about the power of vulnerability represented in his music video RISE.

“I write music based on a few things—my spiritual journey, which is life in itself—and in addition, it has been my connection with Judaism and the texts of the Jewish people, specifically the Torah and Hasidic text. I take these songs—these tropes that are universal in nature—and apply them to songs that anyone can sing. I’m here to connect people to God, and my ministry is through music and dance.” – Mikey Pauker

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Getting Vulnerable // Tragedy in Texas // Mystical Trifecta (16:00)

Piggybacking on the ‘signs of vulnerability in his music video for RISE, Mikey puts Raghu on the hot-seat, asking him to share with the audience what his ‘sign of vulnerability’ would say. From here, they speak about the horrific school shooting which happened in Texas just a day before the recording. Transitioning from tragedy, Raghu asks Mikey to share on his mystical influence trifecta of Judaism, Hinduism, and Rastafarianism.

“There are things in the world that are so horrific and so heartbreaking, that if you let them, they will lock you out of your heart. And our job as artists, as leaders in working with higher consciousness and promoting higher consciousness—our job is not to let these moments, these situations, these tragedies, this pain, lock us out of our own heart.” – Shiva Baum

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We Are Safe & Great Spirit (37:00)

After Shiva introduces Mikey’s heartfelt and all too timely song, We Are SafeRaghu asks Mikey to share themes and inspirations from his soon to be released track, Great Spirit. To close, they discuss the safe space of LSRF & BHNN, before diving into a plethora of Mikey’s other eclectic influences, from Bob Marley to Kendrick Lamar.

“I wrote the song to ask Great Spirit to open up my heart that I could feel her, and open up my heart that I can feel her all the time. It’s a mantra that talks about that relationship that’s really based on reciprocity—not just asking for help, but then how are we also tending to that relationship over time where we can continue to give back?” – Mikey Pauker

“Music is the most efficacious way to absorb yourself into the depths of the truth.” – Raghu Markus

Check out Mikey’s new song: “Great Spirit”
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