Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 410 – After Skool with Mark Wooding

After Skool’s Mark Wooding joins Raghu to share his unique wisdom infused animations and talk about mass psychosis, nature, polarization, LSD, and finding your purpose.

After Skool: Animation & Wisdom

Welcoming, animator and Youtube sensation, Mark Wooding to the Mindrolling podcast through their mutual connection of Be Here Now Network Guest Podcaster, Chris Bashinelli; Raghu invites Mark to describe the intention behind After Skool – his wildly entertaining and deeply educational Youtube channel that is ’empowering the individual by delivering profound ideas through art’ and wisdom.

“I’m an animator, and I take different speeches, ideas, audio soundbites, and I animate over them. I usually try to explore some sort of deep philosophical question about what the meaning of life is, or spirituality, or psychedelics, or history. It’s really open-ended, so it’s almost like my own personal journey, but I’ve animated it.” – Mark Wooding 

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Nature, Pandemic, & Mass Psychosis (15:55)

Speaking to our divided relationships with nature and each other, Raghu illuminates the reflective quality of the pandemic for revealing the karmic repercussions and damages incurred through our loss of commonality. Segueing perfectly, Raghu introduces Mass Psychosis – a collaboration between After Skool and Academy of Ideas showcasing ‘how an entire population became mentally ill.’ From this lens, they contemplate Ram Dass’ ‘Hate the actions; not the person.’

“Look at what we have done to nature since the Industrial Revolution, and look where we are right now—all hoping the price isn’t too high for what we have done. We all need to pitch in and see what we can do. This pandemic is an absolute result of this and really reflective of what we’ve lost when the commonality and basis for which we all connect with each other slips away.” – Raghu Markus

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Politics & Polarization, Enlightenment & Kindness, LSD & Huxley (25:00)

Raghu shares a story of getting into polarization politics online, and quickly prescribes an antidote: kindness. From here, he shares Aldous Huxley’s connecting link between Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), Tim Leary, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead; before the conversation flows to Mark’s apropos new video The Secret History of LSD.

“It’s like people saying, ‘I want to get enlightened!’ Forget about getting enlightened; get kinder!” – Raghu Markus

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Finding Your Purpose: Knowing Who You Are & What You Want (37:00)

Reflecting on the enriching importance of Ikigai—the Japanese concept for finding one’s purpose (outlined in the After Skool video How to Overcome Adversity)—Mark shares with Raghu how this balanced, purposeful way of being informs his creative work with After Skool. To close out the conversation, they talk Alan Watts, Dr. Gabor Maté, addiction, football, and the importance of knowing who you are and what you want.

“It seems like the world is falling apart, but I have conversations every day. I see hundreds of messages, comments, and emails every day, of people who are attuned to the division and the ideologies, and they’re done with it. They’re finding their own way forward, they’re finding their self respect again, and they’re finding who they are.” – Mark Wooding