Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 323 – Self-Honesty and a Metamorphosis of Balance with David Silver


David Silver joins Raghu Markus to talk about Ram Dass’s journey into the mystery of death, and reflect on an interview they did with Ram Dass around the power of self-honesty.

A Legacy of Self-Honesty

David and Raghu read and reflect on an interview they conducted with Ram Dass around the subject of self-honesty. They talk about the incredible, freeing power of Ram Dass’s self-honesty and self-awareness, and how honesty is really the engine of personal transformation.

“I learned an interesting thing; I learned that the more honest I was in a public space, the more other people felt freed by it.” – Ram Dass

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A Metamorphosis of Balance (30:47)

Raghu reads from Ram Dass on the subject of dying, and how the process of death is a metamorphosis of balance. David talks about how it is our attachment to separateness that causes us to fear death. 

“Once you get back into the mystical root being – your true self – it doesn’t die, because it wasn’t born. It just is.” – Ram Dass

Journey Into Emptiness (46:06)

David and Raghu explore how Ram Dass had to risk being human with other people and accept his own truth. They talk about Ram Dass’s journey into emptiness, also known as the womb of bliss, and how he was ready to embrace the great mystery of death. 

“I had to risk being human with other people, and realize that what we owe each other is our truth. And our truth includes all of our stuff. The first thing I had to do was accept my own truth.” – Ram Dass

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