Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 313 – Anger Anecdotes and Antidotes with David Silver

anger antidote

David Silver returns to Mindrolling for a free-flowing conversation with Raghu around ego-based projections, how becoming nobody is the antidote to anger, and dependent origination.

Projections and Reactions

The anger anecdotes are heavy this week, but maybe someone has the antidote? Raghu brings up his trip to India, and how delighted he is to see that young people have such a great balance of inner inquiry and social action. He and David discuss the ego-based projections we make on a daily basis, and how this often provokes a reaction of anger. 

“I just saw so clearly the enormous unknowing that is going on in my little world here. It became something to really think about and deal with.” – Raghu Markus

The Antidote to Anger (24:26)

As a way to quell some of David’s anger about the current political climate, Raghu suggests Becoming Nobody is the antidote to anger. They talk about the new Ram Dass documentary, as David provides his take on the film and what it really means to become nobody.

“For me the film shows the deeper aspect of Ram Dass’s distinction between role player and soul awareness.” – David Silver

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Dependent Origination (38:23)

What does dependent origination mean? Raghu reads a fresh take on the subject from Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel. David shares a lovely story of instinctually showing attention to a stranger, which reminds Raghu that kindness should be our only religion.

“Ram Dass did the same thing for me, he just gave me complete, utter attention, there was no interest in a return of any sort. And that is our path to becoming nobody.” – Raghu Markus

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