Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 282 – Choosing Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 282 - Amber Rae

Author and artist Amber Rae visits the Mindrolling Podcast! Explore the possibility of overcoming our fears, discomforts, and false narratives by pursuing our inner wonder.

Amber Rae (aka @heyamberrae) is an artist and the author of Choose Wonder Over Worry. Amber writes with a style that blends raw and personal storytelling with psychology to inspire creativity and personal growth. Check out writings, events and more from Amber at amberrae.com.

Keep Following The Light

Amber shares two traumatic events from her early life. Events that would come to inspire and positively direct the path of her life, instead of paralyzing her. Amber and Raghu talk about holding space and moving beyond our uncomfortable emotions like fear and grief.

“My awareness journey really began when I was noticing and identifying the different characters inside my head. I brought to life these different characters in our head.

There was Worry, the voice of our inner critic. The voice of that anxious, ‘Who am I to do this, what will they think of me, is it going to work out, and on and on and on.’ I also identified that alongside Worry, there was another voice and that was Wonder to me.

Wonder was the voice of that curious inner guide. Nudging us outside of ourselves and also wondering about the world inside of us. Wonder, I think, is this beautiful gateway to self-discovery and expansion. It is also appreciating the awe of the world around.” – Amber Rae    

Wonder Over Worry (12:20)

It is essential early in our spiritual journey to recognize the importance of getting comfortable with discomfort. Amber looks at the option we have to pursue our inner intuition, curiosity, and wonder. How can the pursuit of this wonder allow us to overcome our false identity, fears, and discomforts?

“I think that it is very necessary for people to learn how to shift out of the thinking mind, ‘This is who I am.’ The mask, the roles, the identities and all of that. To shift it into the place of Wonder, or Ram Dass’s place of loving awareness. Where there isn’t this intense judgment.” – Raghu Markus   

Our Stories (25:00)

How do we deal with the narratives we create in response to our experiences? Amber talks about recognizing the stories we create about ourselves. She shares the tools she has found useful for seeing through some of her own narratives.

“One of my favorite poets, Nq, says that we will always find the evidence for what we choose to believe.” – Amber Rae

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Courage, Curiosity, Compassion (33:45)

Amber explores three essential qualities we need to navigate any challenging emotion. She and Raghu look at how these qualities affect what we bring to our relationships and how we react to shame.

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Photos via Amber Rae and NION Life