Mindrolling – Raghu Markus & David Silver – Ep. 99 – From Brad Willis to Bhava Ram

Bhava Ram

Massive transformation, noetic feeling, absolute healing – Bhava Ram (aka Brad Willis) tells his life story from his harrowing NBC war correspondent days through huge suffering and addiction finally to emergence as a full blown yogi and exemplar of optimism, grit and perennial practice. Podcast 99 tells a miraculous tale.



Bhava Ram’s Book: Warrior Pose: How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life

Episode Outline:

Finding a Voice – Bhava Ram chronicles his journey in discovering an outlet for his frustrations and concerns regarding the social and political turmoil that permeated the 1960’s
Dark Nights of the Soul – A true tale of transformation, after many years, and several unsuccessful attempts to push through his pain, both physical and emotional
“I’m In” (Turning Obstacles into Opportunities) – Bahava Ram points to the Mind-Body clinic he was recommended as a major catalyst for his recovery and subsequent transformation. His introduction to yoga was paramount, and he soon discovered that he had a major role to play in his own healing process
Compelled to Compassion (A Sign of the Times) – The horrors encountered in his immersion-based approach to journalism led to a profound sense of urgency in bringing these stories to light.
Every day is the Journey – It took time, but he eventually recognized the profound spiritual journey he had embarked on many years prior. It’s an ever-evolving experience, and his practice continues in the everyday
Embrace the Darkness (Aversion Feeds the Demons) – All the great tales seem to tell of the same journey, from darkness to light. We learn to work with our demons, find a cause that’s bigger than our egos, and move into a selfless space of awareness
The Great Guru (Is Inside of You) – When we take the time to go deep inside ourselves, we hear the whispers of wisdom. It’s a sacred place that opens when we approach it with devotion rather than a desire
Yoga (The Work) – Find a practice that works for you, and cultivate your own inner alchemy


Photo via Yoga Journal