Mindrolling – Raghu Markus & David Silver – Ep. 96 – Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums – Laurence Carroll aka U-Dhammaloka was a free-thinking atheist alcoholic Irishman born in Dublin in the late 1800’s. Ian Lawton joins David and Raghu to answer the question, “who was this dude?”


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Episode Outline

  • Bums United – Ian explains how he was introduced to the Mindrollers, and discusses some of his early transformers, including the discovery of transcendental meditation, and subsequently Buddhism
  • Don’t be a Buddhist (Be a Buddha) – There are no rules in Buddhism, just suggestions, which point in the direction of awakening. We can all have unique methods that move us closer to that state of awareness. Ian makes it a point to include Metta as part of his practice, citing it as a major shift on his path. Raghu highlights the synergistic effects of Vipassana in combination with the practice of Metta – Quiet the mind, invoke the heart
  • The Last Irish Monk – Ian talks about his initial discovery of U Dhammaloka, and the subsequent inspiration that led to his current film project, through which he hopes to rescue the great sage from obscurity
  • ‘Warning to Buddhists’ (Choice words from U Dhammaloka) Ian reads from some of the more controversial work of the late Irish monk, and expresses his deep admiration for the courage displayed throughout his mysterious existence – Engaged Buddhism is underated
  • Down with Dogma – U Dhammaloka was well known for his proactive and outspoken nature. His disappearance from history is not so surprising, given his proclivity for exposing untruths that undermine the established order
  • Cultural Considerations – Dave inquires about potential parallels between the struggles of Theos Bernard and those of U Dhammaloka in being accepted into these cultures. Raghu explains the greater acceptance in places like Burma, as opposed to the stricter standards of Tibet
  • Bum Support – Help Ian share this lost wisdom by donating to his current crowdfunding campaign
  • Timeless Message – The actions taken by this little known Irish monk are as applicable today as they were in his time – Make your life your message


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