Mindrolling – Raghu Markus & David Silver – Ep. 90 – Abundance


David and Raghu discuss the frozen baba’s upcoming cremation…followed by genuine insights from a questionable politician: Do seemingly nefarious actions preclude individuals from benevolent intuitions? The ‘Us vs. Them’ conundrum, Holiday Hustle and excess, and the idea of ‘sticky desire’ makes this episode the perfect accompaniment to that rum-spiked eggnog (served in a BPA-free mug, of course…)

Episode Outline:

*NY Times article referenced throughout this episode: 

Frozen Baba – Ashutosh Maharaj and his sub-zero Samadhi. Does the quality of one’s practice reveal itself in the often-remarkable deaths of great beings?
Genuine Insights (From a questionable politician) – Do seemingly nefarious actions preclude individuals from benevolent intuitions? Highlights the ongoing, ‘Us vs. Them’, conundrum. We are all complex beings, and we have to remain open to allow space for acceptance
Dave Finds Love (For an unlikely candidate)
Abundance Without Attachment (The holiday hustle) Prosperity and materialism are a common theme during the often-excessive holiday season. It’s attachment to money, not money itself that is the problem. How to get free? 1. Collect experience, not things. 2. Steer clear of excessive ‘usefulness’. 3. Get to the center of the wheel – What is the transcendental truth at the center of your wheel? Find it and focus. For Raghu and David this comes through the understanding and experience of God, Guru, and Self as One. Their material world revolves around this fundamental truth
Just Do It (For the sake of doing) – Mindfulness and joy result when our actions are motivated by the process rather than the result
‘Sticky Desire’ – Our ‘desperate grasping’ fueled by fear of separation from our objects of desire (relationships, social status etc.)
Welfare (Farewell?) – The distribution of wealth in modern times is staggering and unprecedented. How do we approach this issue without bias?
The Mindrolling Mission – All these issues come back to the central question of finding balance, and cultivating an all-inclusive attitude toward our lives

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